February 15, 2001
News Release 01-024
Inv. No. 332-415


The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) today released U.S.-Trade and Investment with Sub-Saharan Africa, the first report in a new five-year series intended to assist the President in developing a comprehensive trade and development policy for the countries of Africa.

The ITC, an independent, nonpartisan, factfinding federal agency, is conducting the investigation for the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

As requested by USTR, the ITC's study is limited to the 48 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The current report provides 1999 information on U.S.-Africa trade and investment flows in major sectors; an identification of major developments in U.S. trade and economic policy and commercial activities that significantly affect bilateral trade and investment with the region; information on changing trade and economic activities within individual countries; and an update on progress in regional integration in Africa. The report also contains an economic profile for each of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. During the course of the investigation, quarterly data concerning U.S. trade with the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, as well as sectoral trade with those countries, will be maintained on the ITC web site at www.usitc.gov/miscell.htm.

Highlights of the report follow.

U.S.-Trade and Investment with Sub-Saharan Africa (Investigation No. 332-415, USITC Publication 3371, December 2000) will be posted in the Publications and Reports section of the ITC's Internet site at www.usitc.gov. As a pilot project, the ITC is disseminating the report in color on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM may be requested by calling 202-205-1809 or by writing the Office of the Secretary, U.S. International Trade Commission, 500 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20436. Requests may also be faxed to 202-205-2104. A black-and-white printed version may also be requested through the same channels. Technical questions concerning the CD-ROM version should be directed to Renea McGriff at 202-205-2752.

ITC general factfinding investigations, such as this one, cover matters related to tariffs or trade and are generally conducted at the request of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Senate Committee on Finance, or the House Committee on Ways and Means. The resulting reports convey the Commission's objective findings and independent analyses on the subjects investigated. The Commission makes no recommendations on policy or other matters in its general factfinding reports. Upon completion of each investigation, the ITC submits its findings and analyses to the requester. General factfinding investigation reports are subsequently released to the public, unless they are classified by the requester for national security reasons.

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