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Web Site Redesign Preview: New “By Audience” Section

A new and improved USITC web site is coming in August!

One of the features of the redesign will be a new "By Audience" section of the site.  This useful new addition will be found in the lower half of the new homepage.  The section will help users who fall into a number of USITC core audience segments find what they need more quickly and efficiently.   

Analytics have identified the USITC’s key audiences as:

  • First time site visitors
  • Media/press
  • Importers/exporters
  • Law firms
  • Corporations/businesses
  • Government
  • Researchers

In the new section, users will find short-cut links to what our research shows are the most frequently visited pages for each of these audiences.  For example, the Law Firms segment will include links to resources on filing guidance, hearing protocol, and investigation information.  The First Time Site Visitors segment will provide links to information about the agency, how to use the site, and how to contact the USITC for assistance.

The section uses a ribbon presentation – users can toggle between audience segments by using navigation arrows on each side of the section.  And, in addition to the seven core audience segments, there are also quick links to frequently used USITC web research portals, such as EDIS, DataWeb and 337Info. 

Here’s a sneak peek at static images of the new By Audience Section: