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EDIS 3.10 Upgrades – You spoke. We listened.

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) rolled out its upgraded Electronic Document Information System (EDIS 3.10) on September 24, 2018. Over the last six months, the agency has received a lot of helpful feedback from EDIS users which has contributed to six minor updates to the application.  As a result, several features have been updated to add enhanced functionality or to address known errors.

System updates made since the EDIS 3.10 deployment include:

  • Search results default to descending chronological order (newest items first) unless users enter text in the keyword search, investigation title, or document title fields. If a user enters text into those fields, results will be sorted according to relevancy.
  • Password reset issues have been resolved to address reports from users that they received unusual error messages when attempting to change their passwords.
  • Motion Number metadata has been added to the Document Details page.
  • Issues with the RSS feed functionality reported by users have been addressed.
  • Users can now save their column display preferences within Advanced Search.
  • Display issues in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge browsers have been resolved.

In the coming months, the EDIS team will continue to work on other known issues and evaluate ways to implement additional user requests, including the ability to break out the New Request submission process from the current flow of submission cards.

A complete list of updates can be found on the EDIS What’s New page.  For any additional questions, please refer to the EDIS Support page, call (202) 205-3347, or send an email to