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EDIS Search Tips

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  1. From this search page, select Advanced Search.
  2. Go down to the Investigation Data section. Enter the Investigation Number using only numbers and hyphens (examples: 337-xxx; 701-xxx; 731-xxx).
  3. Skip the Investigation Title blank if you don’t know the name of the investigation.
  4. Select the Investigation Type from the pull-down menu.
  5. Hit “Search”. Your return will include all the public documents in your chosen investigation.
  6. Options to narrow your search are available further down in the form.

To find an investigation number:

check here for import injury investigations (antidumping, countervailing duty, five-year (sunset) review), safeguard). If there are multiple investigation numbers in an import injury case, use the first investigation number in the series (i.e., for 731-TA-123, 125, and 127-129, use “731-123" in your search. If there are both countervailing duty (701) and antidumping (731) investigations in a case, use the first countervailing duty investigation number in the series (i.e., for 701-TA-123 and 731-TA-234-237, use “701-123" in your search. Note that the “TA” is NOT used in the search.

check here for section 337 investigations. Note that the “TA” in section 337 investigation numbers (e.g., 337-TA-123) is NOT used in the search.

You can also check news releases or Federal Register notices to find investigation numbers.

If you have problems or questions related to searching EDIS, contact Peg O’Laughlin (news media only) at 202.205.1819 or the EDIS help desk at 202.205.EDIS (3347) or