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Recent Petitions & Complaints

This page provides information about recent petitions and complaints filed with the USITC. After the institution of an investigation, related information may be found in Federal Register notices.

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Docket # Received Type Commodity INV #
3103 11/24/15 Other Modifications in Rules of Origin CAFTA-DR-103-028
3170 8/24/16 Other Probable Economic Effect of Certain Modification to the U.S.-Morocco FTA Rules of Origin FTA-103-030
3122 2/16/16 Other Marine Sonar Imaging Devices, Including Downscan and Sidescan Devices Pending Institution
3348 10/18/18 Other Assembled Bicycles
3218 4/26/17 Other Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Cells and Modules TA-201-075
3097 11/6/15 Other Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement TPA-105-001
3337 8/31/18 Other Request from USTR to Prepare a Report on the Likely Impact of a Trade Agreement on the U.S. Economy and Specific Industry Sectors Pending Institution
3367 2/22/19 Other United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement