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Petitions and Complaints

This page provides information about recent petitions and complaints filed with the USITC. After the institution of an investigation, related information may be found in Federal Register notices.

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Docket # Received Type Commodity INV #
3576 Nov 15, 2021 Import Injury Petition Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber from Czech Republic, Italy, and Russia 731-TA-1575-1577
3575 Nov 2, 2021 Import Injury Petition Superabsorbent Polymers from Korea 731-TA-1574
3572 Oct 6, 2021 Import Injury Petition Oil Country Tubular Goods from Argentina, Mexico, Korea, and Russia 701-TA-671-672 and 731-TA-1571-1573
3569 Sep 29, 2021 Import Injury Petition Freight Rail Coupler Systems and Components Thereof from China 701-TA-670 and 731-TA-1570
3557 Jun 30, 2021 Import Injury Petition Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber from France, Mexico and South Korea 731-TA-1567-1569
3556 Jun 30, 2021 Import Injury Petition Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solutions from Russia and Trinidad and Tobago 701-TA-668-669 and 731-TA-1565-1566
3546 Apr 21, 2021 Import Injury Petition Raw Honey from Argentina, Brazil, India, Ukraine, and Vietnam 731-TA-1560-1564
3540 Mar 31, 2021 Import Injury Petition Organic Soybean Meal from India 701-TA-667 and 731-TA-1559
3539 Mar 30, 2021 Import Injury Petition Walk-Behind Snow Throwers from China 701-TA-666 and 731-TA-1558
3534 Feb 26, 2021 Import Injury Petition Mobile Access Equipment and Subassemblies Thereof from China 701-TA-665 and 731-TA-1557
3528 Jan 27, 2021 Import Injury Petition Granular Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin from India and Russia 701-TA-663-664 and 731-TA-1555-1556
3523 Jan 12, 2021 Import Injury Petition R-125 (Pentafluoroethane) from China 701-TA-662 and 731-TA-1554
3502 Oct 28, 2020 Import Injury Petition Polyester Textured Yarn from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam 731-TA-1550-1553
3500 Oct 7, 2020 Import Injury Petition Thermal Paper From Germany, Japan, Korea, and Spain 731-TA-1546-1549
3497 Sep 30, 2020 Import Injury Petition Utility Scale Wind Towers from India, Malaysia, and Spain 701-TA-660-661 and 731-TA-1543-1545
3495 Sep 29, 2020 Import Injury Petition Aluminum Foil from Armenia, Brazil, Oman, Russia, and Turkey 701-TA-658-659 and 731-TA-1538-1542
3480 Jul 30, 2020 Import Injury Petition Chassis and Subassemblies Thereof from China 701-TA-657 and 731-TA-1537
3478 Jul 29, 2020 Import Injury Petition Methionine from France, Japan, and Spain 731-TA-1534-1536
3470 Jul 9, 2020 Import Injury Petition Metal Lockers and Parts Thereof from China 701-TA-656 and 731-TA-1533
3469 Jul 8, 2020 Import Injury Petition Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Standard Line, and Pressure Pipe from the Czech Republic, Korea, Russia, and Ukraine 701-TA-654-655 and 731-TA-1529-1532