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Petitions and Complaints

This page provides information about recent petitions and complaints filed with the USITC within the last 365 days. After the institution of an investigation, related information may be found in Federal Register notices. Petitions and complaints older than 365 days are available in the Petitions and Complaints Archive.

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Docket # Received Type Commodity INV #
3603 Feb 4, 2022 Section 337 Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers with Barcode Scanning Capabilities, Scan Engines, RFID Printers, Components Thereof, and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-1306
3602 Feb 3, 2022 Section 337 Electronic Exercise Systems, Stationary Bicycles and Component Thereof and Products Including Same 337-TA-1305
3601 Feb 2, 2022 Section 337 Wet Dry Surface Cleaning Devices 337-TA-1304
3600 Jan 28, 2022 Section 337 Fungicide Products Containing Pyraclostrobin and Components Thereof 337-TA-1303
3599 Jan 19, 2022 Section 337 Cellular Base Station Communication Equipment, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1302
3598 Jan 19, 2022 General Factfinding African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA): Program Usage, Trends, and Sectoral Highlights 332-589
3597 Jan 18, 2022 Section 337 Mobile Phones and Table Computers, All With Switchable Connectivity, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1301
3596 Jan 18, 2022 Section 337 Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Smart Watches, Smart Speakers, and Digital Media Players, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1300
3595 Jan 18, 2022 Section 337 Mobile Telephones, Tablet Computers with Cellular Connectivity, and Smart Watches with Cellular Connectivity, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1299
3594 Jan 13, 2022 Import Injury Petition Sodium Nitrite from India and Russia 701-TA-679-680 and 731-TA-1585-1586
3593 Jan 13, 2022 Section 337 Networking Devices, Computers, and Components Thereof and Systems Containing the Same 337-TA-1298
3592 Jan 12, 2022 Import Injury Petition Barium Chloride 701-TA-678 and 731-TA-1584 (Preliminary)
3591 Dec 30, 2021 Import Injury Petition Steel Nails from India, Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey 701-TA-673-677 and 731-TA-1580-1583
3590 Dec 30, 2021 Import Injury Petition Lemon Juice from Brazil and South Africa 731-TA-1578-1579
3589 Dec 29, 2021 Section 337 Integrated Circuit Products and Devices Containing the Same 337-TA-1295
3588 Dec 27, 2021 Section 337 High-Performance Gravity-Fed Water Filters and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-1294
3587 Dec 22, 2021 Section 337 Automated Put Walls and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Associated Vehicles, Associated Control Software, and Component Parts Thereof 337-TA-1293
3586 Dec 20, 2021 Section 337 Monomer-Dimer Hybrid Immunoconjugates Withdrawn
3585 Dec 17, 2021 Section 337 Adalimumab, Processes for Manufacturing or Relating to Same, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1296
3584 Dec 16, 2021 Section 337 Replacement Automotive Lamps II 337-TA-1292