Welcome to the new and improved New Investigation Requests page (formerly the Petitions and Complaints page). While the look and feel of this page has been updated, the information provided remains the same. This page provides information about new investigation requests received within the last 365 days. Investigation requests older than 365 days may be found on IDS. Only those requests that trigger a completely new investigation are listed here. New phases of a prior investigation will not be listed on this page, but can be found in IDS.

For archived data prior to 08/09/2023, please download the Petitions and Complaints Archive (XLS).

Using this page:
This report has new functionality, making it easier to access summary information at a glance, or be taken directly to IDS for detailed investigation request information.
  • Hover over any datapoint within a row to see summary information on the investigation request
  • Click on the investigation number to be taken directly to that investigation in IDS for more detailed information
  • Filter the list by investigation type or year by using the filters at the top of the report