Brass Sheet and Strip from France, Germany, Italy, and Japan
731-TA-313, 314, 317, and 379
Fourth Review (Expedited)
Investigator Name
Abu B. Kanu
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Supervisory Investigator Name
Mary Messer
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Key Dates
Phase Key: A= Adequacy, P=Preliminary, F=Final, FR= Full Review, ER=Expedited Review<br>Start (A, P,F, FR, ER)
Staff Report (F, FR, ER)
Proposed Vote (A, P, F, FR, ER)
Determination(s) Issued (P, F, FR, ER)
Final Comments (ER, F, FR)
View(s) Issued (P, F, FR, ER)
End (A, P, F, FR, ER)
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