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:: HTS delimited text file

Due to numerous requests, an electronic version of the 2007 HTS is now being made available through the website. This file was created through a series of complex programs and provides crucial information so that the tariff can be used in machine-readable form. Please note that there may be some errors from processing the text information in the official version of the HTS, so please refer to the printed versions (or .pdf files on the website) when in doubt.

The delimited text file is an ANSI Windows delimited text file, delimited with the 'pipe' symbol (|). The first line in the file describes the fields. Most fields are self-explanatory and correspond to the tabular information presented in the official printed versions or .pdf files. The delimited text file also provides additional information such as the levels of indentation as well as an identification of descriptive and superior text which may or may not have an associated HTS heading or subheading reference in the published HTS.

The file includes FULL article descriptions and duty rates, which may be longer than some PC-based applications. Applications such as Excel or Access will typically truncate these descriptions unless special measures are taken to prevent it. The file is provided as-is.

Download the 2009 HTS Revision 1 delimited text file (about 2.0 Mb)