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Key Economic Trends

  • In 2009, the U.S. merchandise trade deficit with the European Union (EU) decreased for the fourth year in a row, declining by 33 percent as U.S. imports from the EU showed a much sharper decline than did U.S. exports of goods to the EU.
  • U.S.-EU trade in 2009 was negatively affected by the economic downturn and rising unemployment in both regions. The EU was both the third-largest regional market for U.S. exports and the third-largest source of U.S. imports in 2009, after Asia and Latin America.
  • Nearly one-half of the decrease in U.S. imports from the EU was attributable to declines in imports of transportation equipment and energy-related products. U.S. imports of motor vehicles registered the largest declines within the transportation sector, while U.S. imports of petroleum products registered the largest declines in energy-related products.

Trade Shifts from 2008 to 2009

  • U.S. trade deficit: Decreased by $36.8 billion (33 percent) to $75.7 billion
  • U.S. exports: Decreased by $48.8 billion (19 percent) to $202.4 billion
  • U.S. imports: Decreased by $85.6 billion (24 percent) to $278.1 billion

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