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NEWS RELEASE 98-059; AUGUST 7, 1998 August 7, 1998
News Release 98-059


Thelma J. Askey was sworn in today as the 75th Commissioner of the United States International Trade Commission. The U.S. Senate confirmed her nomination on July 30, 1998, and the President signed her Commission of appointment on August 5, 1998.

Askey, a Republican of Tennessee, was nominated by President Clinton for the statutory term that will expire on December 16, 2000.

Prior to her appointment, Askey served as the Staff Director of the Trade Subcommittee of the Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives. In that position, she was responsible for developing and scheduling all trade issues coming before the subcommittee, including oversight of multilateral and bilateral negotiations, fast-track extensions, China's normal trade relations status, trade relations with non-market economies, and oversight of key bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, particularly NAFTA and the WTO. She previously served as Minority Trade Counsel of the Trade Subcommittee, serving as the principal trade advisor to the Republican members of the committee.

Askey is originally from Millington, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Tennessee Technological University and has completed graduate work in history and international economics at the University of Tennessee, George Washington University, and American University. She has a daughter, Joelle, almost 3 years old.

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